Kickstarter Campaign Prize

//Kickstarter Campaign Prize

Kickstarter Campaign Prize

I recently contributed to Rus Wooton‘s horror comic anthology, The Dark Reaches. It was great drawing one of the stories in it. It was a project supported by a very successful Kickstarter campaign and as such, one of the perks offered to several backers was to receive a sketch of their choosing drawn by one of the anthology’s artists. One of the backers asked to have the late R&B singer, Aaliyah, sketched and that’s what I got to draw. Here it is and I hope you like it.

It’s brush and ink, the old-fashioned way.

I can’t say enough about this anthology. Rus assembled many talented people and they put their hearts and souls into it. If you like the horror genre, I suggest that you give this book a read. For more info, visit:…

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